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Sign up to stay up to date on the latest at City Hall, plus get tons of other resources to help you protect and grow your business.


Why Join?


As Santa Fe discusses short-term rental regulations, the Santa Fe Short-term Rental Alliance advocates together for our right to rent, fair regulations, and responsible hosting. The more hosts we bring to the table, the stronger our voices will be. 


We're also building a community of local hosts and the businesses that support you to share ideas and resources in a supportive, professional forum to elevate the hosting experience for all. By signing up, you’ll connect with other local operators, get the most up-to-date information, get access to tons of helpful free resources, access exclusive perks, and learn how to take action to enact positive change at City Hall.


What You Can Expect


We'll send you periodic updates via email and in our member portal with legislative news, calls to action for advocacy efforts, newly published resources, and other helpful information. You’ll also be able to access our private member discussion forums, job board, business directory, and other tools exclusive to members.


Being a part of this alliance means you’ll also be a part of a team. That means you’ll occasionally be asked to put on a jersey and jump in the game through activities like:

  • Attending virtual events
  • Sharing your ideas and opinions
  • Submitting a testimony
  • Sharing your STR story
  • Signing a petition

Or other easy activities. The more players we have on the field participating in the action, the more successful we’ll be together and the better we can protect and grow our short-term rentals.




Have questions? Reach out to us any time at if we can be of service in any way!