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Regulations & Taxes

City of Santa Fe Information

Current Santa Fe Short-Term Rental Laws


For All Short-Term Rentals within City Limits

  • Local operator must be available 24/7 and able to be physically present at the STR unit to respond to emergencies and complaints within 1 hour of receiving a complaint.
  • The owner/operator must post the permit or license number on all advertisements for the STR unit, including on host platforms, such as Airbnb and Vrbo.
  • If a permit or registration is invalid, the platform must remove the listing within 5 days.
  • Owner/operators must keep records from the three most recent years, and these records must be available for review by the City upon request. Records must include:
  • Residentially zoned: date of each reservation and number of nights per reservation; amount of rent paid by guests per month; and amount of each type of tax and fee paid to          the City by month. 
  • Non-residentially zoned: amount of rent paid by guests per month; and amount of each type of tax and fees paid to the City by month.
  • The City will begin requiring the previous year’s records at renewal starting next year with the March 15, 2022 re-application period (2021 records).
  • Occupancy: The overnight guest limit is twice the number of bedrooms. 
  • Gatherings: Gatherings are limited to twice the number of guests. 
  • Nuisance: All properties in Santa Fe are subject to our local laws, including those related to noise limits, nuisance activities, and criminal activities.
  • Parking: 
  • One off-street parking spot required for properties with one or fewer bedrooms
  • Two parking spots required for properties with two or more bedrooms
  • Taxes: STRs are required to pay local, state, and federal taxes, including lodgers’ tax, gross receipts tax, and income tax.


For STRs within Residential Zones Only

  • STRs in residential zones must obtain a permit. City-wide STR permit cap: 1,000.
  • Permits are additionally limited to one per natural person (as opposed to an organization of any form or a business entity.) The property itself does not need to be owned by       a natural person. (Note: All permits submitted by 12/31/20 will not be subject to this rule.)
  • Permits cannot be transferred with the sale of a property or to another person. Permits may be transferred to a spouse of domestic partner upon the death of the permit holder,       but only if the surviving spouse or domestic partner does not already hold a permit.
  • STR unit may be rented once in a seven-day period except between November 15th to January 15th.
  • Proximity Limit: The property boundary of one STR may not be within 50’ of another. This includes multi-unit dwellings with 3 or fewer units.                                                          (Note: All permits submitted by 12/31/20 will not be subject to this rule.
  • For apartments, condos, or other multi-unit structures with four or more units, no more than 25% of the units can be rented as an STR. No more than 12 permits will be                 issued for a single multi-unit dwelling. 


For STRs within Non-Residential Zones Only

STRs outside of residential areas must obtain a registration. 
There is no limit on the number of registrations that may be issued except in multi-unit dwellings: No more than 12 registrations will be issued for a single multi-unit dwelling.


Current Fees

New permit/registration application: $100

Permit/registration fee: $290/year

Business license fee: $35/year

TOTAL:  $425 initial year  |  $325/year after


Renew your permit or apply for a new one at


Read more details and see FAQs at


Download the Santa Fe STR FAQ PDF



Important Santa Fe Contact Information


Mayor and City Council:


Mayor Alan Webber
(505) 955-6590

Renee Villarreal
District 1 Councilor
(505) 955-2345

Signe I. Lindell
District 1 Councilor
(505) 955-6812

Michael Garcia - District 2 Councilor
(505) 955 - 6816

Carol Romero-Wirth
District 2 Councilor
(505) 955-6815

Chris Rivera - District 3 Councilor
(505) 955-6818

Roman "Tiger" Abeyta
District 3 Councilor
(505) 955-6814


Jamie Cassutt - Sanchez - District 4 Councilor
(505) 955-6817

JoAnne Vigil Coppler
District 4 Councilor
(505) 955-6811


City of Santa Fe STR Contact Info:

Phone: 505-955-6336


Director of Land Use and Planning: Elias Isaacson,



Planning Commission Members:

John B. Hiatt, Chair

District 4 


Mark Hogan, Vice-chair

District 2


Pilar Faulkner, Secretary

District 3


Lee Garcia, Summary Committee, Chair

District 3


Brian Gutierrez, Summary Committee 

District 1


Janet Clow, Summarry Committee, Secretary - Long Range Planning Subcommittee 



Dominic Sategna

District 4



Other Helpful Resources:

Housing Stats: TownCharts

Housing & population Stats: Census

Community Stats:  American Community Survey

STR Analytics: AirDNA

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